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More than ever, our society requires skilled workers with formal training and certification. In most jobs nowadays, it is not enough to master the profession itself. A good education should include people skills and computer skills, in addition to professional skills.

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List of Occupations

Choose relevant videos at this link: Career Videos. Right-click to open in separate window.

These videos show some of the skills you need to succeed in a particular line of work. The videos are made in the USA. Therefore, working conditions and regulations may vary from those in Norway. These videos will however give you a pretty good idea of what various professionals occupy themselves with. Some of the occupations require additional post graduate study. The videos are also subtitled.

  • Study the list of occupations. Click on the links of the videos that contain occupations that you find interesting.
  • Read the video subtext carefully. Use a dictionary to look up specific words. Then do the tasks below.


  1. Mention a few of the things you are expected to do in this occupation.
  2. What kind of equipment or personal qualities do you need to succeed in this occupation?
  3. What is typical of this line of work – is it hard on your body, mentally exhausting or demanding in any other way. Explain.
  4. If you were to employ someone to do this type of work for you, what qualities would you look for amongst the applicants?
  5. Make a list of things that you like about this type of work and things you dislike.
  6. How do you expect this work to change in the next 30 years?

Safety and Working Conditions

  1. Did you spot any safety violations according to Norwegian standards? If so, what are they?
  2. Are working conditions in this video different from those in Norway? If so, how?

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