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Art - Further Work

Fra en Andy Warhol-utstilling i Tyskland. En kvinne går forbi to av Warholds bilder av Marilyn Monroe. Foto.

Art - Further Work

Art - Further Work


Do some research on a British or American artist of your choice and write a short biography of his or her life. Do not forget to mention which artwork(s) the artist is famous for!

Being There: Take a Trip to Oslo

Oslo has recently become the home of some interesting works of modern British and American art. If you happen to be in Oslo, it is worthwhile to take some time to see the following works of art.

Oslo’s Astrup Fearnley Museum houses Jeff Koons’s Michael Jackson and Bubbles from 1988, a porcelain sculpture that got a lot of media coverage in Norway when it was bought in 2001 for 51 million Norwegian kroner.

In the same museum you can also see Damien Hirst’s famous Mother and Child Divided (1993) in which a mother cow and her calf have been sawed in two and placed in large tanks of formaldehyde.

For his much-talked about sculpture park, Norwegian multi-millionaire Christian Ringnes bought a three-meter tall sculpture of supermodel Kate Moss in a contorted yoga pose by the British artist Marc Quinn. Called Sphinx, the statue is part of a series first unveiled by Quinn in 2006

Sphinx by Marc Quinn. Photo.
Marc Quinn - Sphinx

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