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First Aid

First aid is about what you can do in the case of an emergency before immediate medical help arrives. It may mean the difference between life and death. Knowing the correct thing to do for minor accidents is also important.

First Aid

Would you know what to do if someone in the workshop got an electric shock or at home if a young brother or sister choked on a toy?

I hope you will never be involved in a car accident, but would you know what to do to help others who were injured? In the workplace, safety has a high priority, but it is impossible to eliminate all accidents. Would you know what to do if an accident occurred when you were working in a factory, hospital or on a building site? Accidents always happen unexpectedly. Be prepared! Know your first aid!

Tasks and Activities

Reading and Comprehension

In pairs, at the following link, Everyday First Aid, choose 3 injuries which require first aid skills (Teacher should check that everyone does not choose the same injuries) Study the information in the video and the text which follows and note down:

  • the signs
  • what to do
  • cause of injury


Find another pair who have chosen different injuries and tell each other what you have found out.


Studying these activities has taught you a number of words connected to first aid. Try the vocabulary tasks: First Aid Vocabulary 1, First Aid Vocabulary 2

Make Sentences

First Aid Sentences - Drag and Drop


The Red Cross was established in the mid-19th century. Find out who started it and why. What is the mission of the Red Cross?


  1. Have you ever had to use first aid yourself?
    • If yes, how did you handle the situation?
    • If no, how do you think you would have handled an emergency situation?
  2. Do you feel it is important to learn about first aid in work places and at school?


You have witnessed an accident. Write a report based on what you have seen.
  • what happened
  • why you think it happened
  • details
  • recommendations for improvements

Below you will find information about the type of language and layout suitable for a report.

Learning content

Safety at Work




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