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Interview - What I Love about England

Listen to the interview with Sue, but first read through the comprehension questions below. You may take notes as you listen.

Typically English?

What I love About England, 9:53

What I love About England, 9:53


  1. What is Sue’s background?
  2. How does Sue define “British”?
  3. What does she say about British housing?
  4. What role does the pub have in Britain?
  5. “London is not England”. What does she mean by that?
  6. Why does Sue mention Swansea, Wales and Inverness, Scotland?
  7. How does she define British identity?
  8. Why does Sue mention cricket?
  9. What does she say about the British class system?
  10. How does the fact that Sue is an “outsider” give her a good background for such an interview?

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Literature, Culture and Society

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