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Task: Monarchy - Yes or No?

Rate the arguments in the table below from 1- 6. Use 1 if you think the argument is of little importance and 6 if you think it is very important.

UK Monarchy

UK Monarchy

1 - 6

1 - 6
Yes The monarchy binds us all together in a common national identity. Social class, place of living seems to have no dividing influence here. No The younger generation doesn't really care about Royals.
Yes The Queen is our Head of State and as such a national figurehead. Every state needs a head of state. No Any elected person can be head of state, just look to e.g. the Republic of France and the Republic of Ireland.
Yes The Queen has constitutional duties to serve, e.g. she is the one to appoint the Prime Minister. No Her duties are only symbolic as the established practice of today is that she must act in accordance with the “of the people” elected government.
Yes The Royal Family has always and will always represent stability through the succession of heirs to the throne and as such it works as an anchor in times of change and difficulty. We love them despite their troubles. No They are totally out of touch and out of date. The members more and more seem to be characters in an awful soap. We do not want a head of state by birth, we want the people themselves to be the real sovereign.
Yes The Queen does a marvellous job, attending as many as 500 engagements a year and deserves all of her £7.9m from public funds of which she by the way pays taxes. No Any publicly elected person can attend the same appointments as the Queen does. The British Royal Family is the most expensive royal family in Europe and being listed as the world’s richest woman, she really should not get any money from the state.
Yes The royal castles are popular historic attractions, which bring in money from visitors, as do other royal happenings and ceremonies. No If there was no royal family residing at Buckingham Palace, the whole building could be open to the public at any time. This would of course mean an increase in the revenue.
Total sum
Total sum


Discuss in class whether the monarchy in the UK should be abolished or not. After the discussion take a poll.


Write an essay where you discuss the role of the monarchy and whether it should be abolished or not. This will be your approach to the topic or thesis.

Use the table above to fill in points and aspects of this issue when you make the draft/outline of your essay. Also find facts and information on the Internet that you include in your essay. Suggested search words: monarchy, poll, support.

  • Create your own title.
  • Suggested length: 400 - 800 words
  • Read about how to write an essay here: How to Write an Essay.

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