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Obesity in the UK

In this BBC news report, we learn about how the city of Sheffield aims to target the extensive problem of obesity in the population.

First watch the video, then do these tasks:


Which is the right answer.

  1. Where is the campaign started?
    a. Leeds b. Sheffield c.Birmingham
  2. What is the focus of the campaign?
    a. changed eating habits b. gang violence c. eating disorders
  3. What might prevent obesity from an early age?
    a. better education b. more kindergartens c. breastfeeding
  4. What is the target group?
    a. the elderly b. teenagers c. children
  5. 50% of adults in Sheffield are
    a. illiterate b. obese c. drug addicts
  6. How many children nationwide might be obese?
    a. 50% b. 76% c. 66%
  7. Who are growing their own vegetables outside their classrooms
    a. nursery b. primary c. upper secondary school children


Why do you think obesity has become a persistent problem in the industrialised world?

Find out

  1. How do we find a person's BMI (Body Mass Index). Explain by using mathematical terms.
  2. Why does the World Health Organization (WHO) survey the BMI on a global scale? Check their website to find their explanation. BMI index, World Health Organization

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