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Tasks: Oliver Twist

Based on the resource Oliver Twist's Story



  1. How does Charles Dickens try to stir the conscience of the public in this story?
  2. Can an artist or author make a difference when it comes to social evils and human misery? Do you know any examples of artists or authors who have had an impact on history?

Literary Analysis

  1. Rank the major characters you meet in the excerpt in a table with two columns under the headings good and evil. Was it easy to rank them? Why, why not?
  2. The names of Dickens' characters often hold clues to their personality. Comment on the following names: Sowerberry, Bumble and Twist.
  3. One of the literary devices that Charles Dickens uses is exaggeration. Can you find examples of exaggerations? Why do you think he frequently makes use of this device?
  4. How can you tell that the story is set in the early 1800s? What kind of references do you find to social conditions, early industrialisation and urbanisation?
  5. You probably watch TV series. Would this excerpt make a good episode of a TV series? Explain.
  6. The last paragraph in "Oliver Twist's Story" sums up the ending. What is your opinion of the ending of the story?
  7. What do fictional characters like Harry Potter and Oliver Twist have in common?

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