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  • English as a world language

    These resources will help you understand how English has evolved into a world language.

  • USA

    From the remote wilderness of Alaska to the dazzling lights of New York City, the USA is a land of diversity.

  • UK & Ireland

    The following resources allow you to discover the geographical and cultural diversity of the British Isles.

  • The English-Speaking World

    In this section, you will find a variety of resources from English-speaking countries such as: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and Nigeria.

  • Vocational English

    Vocational education equips you with a profession and the possibility to study.

  • Working with Grammar

    Grammar can be fun if you can crack the code.

  • Oral Communication - How to:

    English is a lingua franca. A lingua franca is any language used to communicate among people that speak different languages.

  • Assessment and Exams

    With proper planning, exams can be the chance for you to show your skills.

About English

United Kingdom with connections across multicolored world map

About English

Explore the diversity of the English-speaking world. Gain insight into historical events, political systems, literary texts, films and cultural expressions. Find resources to develop your language and communication skills. Welcome to Vg1 English!


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