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The Leaving (Short Story)

Set somewhere in rural Canada in the 1960s this dramatized short story depicts a family run along unreflective and suppressive lines. In their crude and primitive way of life family communication is reduced to a shouting match among the menfolk and the women are humiliated into drudgery.

This is a dialogue from the short story The Leaving:

Pa: Shut yer mouth, woman, and git my supper!

Ma: My name - my name is Elizabeth.

What attitudes and values are revealed in this dialogue?

Budge Wilson is a Canadian writer highly acclaimed for her young adult books. She was born in Nova Scotia but spent many years in Ontario before she decided to go back to her birthplace. When she picked up writing late in life, she could look back upon careers ranging from fitness instruction, commercial art, photography and teaching.

On our educational web site we have two short stories from her collection The Leaving (1990). This is the title story, The Leaving.

The Leaving (19:26)

The Leaving (19:26)

The Leaving – plain text

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