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Oral Exam 2014, Social Studies English

Information from Udir concerning the 2014 oral exam can be accessed on Guidelines for the Oral Exam. The various counties, however, seem to have interpreted and organized the oral exams in slightly differing ways. The following suggestions are based on the model most commonly used in Rogaland.

Jente som er oppe til muntlig eksamen. Foto.

A. Prior to the Exam

48 hours prior to their oral exam, the students will know in which subject they will be examined. At this point the students should be given a reading list that includes the topics and texts that have been covered during the year. The competence aims should be included.

24 hours prior to the exam the student will draw between 4-6 different topics/research questions. Relevant competence aims concerning topic and research question will be listed. Two and two students will be given the same topic.

B. Examination

30 minutes per student.

Part 1

The students will present the topic they were allotted in the preparation period. The presentation should last maximum 10 minutes (preferably 7-8 minutes). After the presentation, the examiner will ask questions pertaining to the presented topic.

Part 2

Based on the topic/competence aims drafted in the preparation period, the examiner will encourage the students to show their competence in the subject by discussing a broader part of the curriculum.

C. The Tasks

Examples of two tasks:

Task 1: American Immigration

Make a presentation where you compare the two texts and explain how immigration has been and still is at the center of American society. (See illustration 1 and illustration 2 in margin)

Task 2: The Legacy of the British Empire

Make a presentation where you comment on the two texts and discuss the legacy of the British Empire. (See illustration 3 and illustration 4 in the margin)

More Task Examples

The above tasks and other suggested tasks with associated competence aims can be printed out in the following Word document: Suggested Tasks for Oral Exam.


D. Assessment

The presentation should not be assessed in itself, but be a part of the overall assessment including the presentation, the examination and the discussion.

An Assessment Rubric like the following can be adjusted and used. Assessment Oral Presentations.


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