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TasksAndActivitiesOppgaver og aktiviteter

Oppgaver og aktiviteter

They Said "No" - Project

Some people have changed the world by standing up for human rights and challenging restrictions on freedom of expression.

On our website you will find information about some of the courageous persons that have had an impact on the development of human rights. The means have varied from civil disobedience, political and social activism, blogging, protecting victims, whistleblowing, demonstrations, artistic work to journalism, but the goal has been the same - to fight for what they believe is a better world.

Work on a project based on the accomplishments of one or more of the persons suggested (or do you have favorites of your own?) and/or contrast and compare the ways they have accomplished what they did.

Competence Aims

You should be able to elaborate on a topic that is curricular in this Social Studies English course:

  • presentere et større fordypningsarbeid med emne fra samfunnsfaglig engelsk og vurdere prosessen

(From the Teaching Plan in Social Studies English)

By choosing a wide approach to your project you should include other competence aims as well.

Suggested Persons

Check the links provided and look up information on the web. Following the pictures you will find a list of suggested topics.

MalalaPussy RiotEdward Snowden
Malala Yousafzai winner of the Sakharov prize 2013

Malala - Biography

Feminist Punk Rock Protest Group

News Article on Pussy Riot (in Norwegian)

Edward Snowden - Hero Or Traitor?
Erin GruwellNelson MandelaTawakkol Abdel-Salam Karman
From the film about Freedom Writers

Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers

President in South Africa
A Great Man Has Passed Into History
Nobel Peace Prize winners pose with their awards

Find information about Tawakkol Abdel-Salam Karman on

The Right to Decide

Waris DieriePaul Rusesabagina
From the movie "Desert Flower"
Information about the film on
Film Recommendations
Paul Rusesabagina and "Hotel Rwanda"

Information about the film on
Film Recommendations

Rosa ParksMartin Luther KingMahatma Gandhi
Civil Rights Leader Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks - a Voice Heard

Nobel Prize Winner and Civil Rights Leader
M.L.K - a short biography

Father of the Indian Independence Movement
Gandhi biography
Allen GinsbergJoe HillEmmeline Pankhurst
Beat Generation Poet

Allen Ginsberg and "Howl"

Fighter for Worker's Rights
Joe Hill - An American Icon
Information about Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffrage movement here

Suggested Topics

  • Civil disobedience
  • Human rights
  • Democracy
  • Freedom of speech
  • The pen as a sword
  • Freedom fighters and cultural diversity
  • Discussion of this statement: Their greatness is just as much the result of how they won as the fact that they succeeded in achieving their goals
  • Compare and contrast accomplishments and the means they used to succeed
  • Personal sacrifices it would take to make an impact on society
Abraham LincolnHarriet Beecher StoweCharles Dickens
America's 16th president

Lincoln - An Icon

Uncle Tom's Cabin
Find information about the novel Resources about slavery
Victorian Novelist
An Introduction to Dickens and His Novels

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Current debates in the English-speaking world

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Oppgaver og aktiviteter