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Tasks for Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights has fascinated readers all over the world since 1847, and the novel has been brought to the screen many times. Academy Award winner Andrea Arnold has directed this film adaptation from 2011. Here you will find film analysis tasks.


Task 1 – Film analysis

Analyse the film Wuthering Heights. The analysis should contain:

  1. Who made the movie
  2. How the movie was received
  3. A description of the plot and the setting
  4. The relationship between the main characters
  5. How the main characters develop throughout the film
  6. The storytelling and dramaturgical composition / narrative
  7. The use of symbols
  8. The use of camera
  9. Editing
  10. The use of colours
  11. Sound and music
  12. The message of the film

Task 2 – compare the film with the novel

Brontë’s novel starts with a frame story; or a story within a story. Compare the narrative in the novel with the narrative in the film.

  1. The focus of the film is just one part of the story. Which parts of the novel are left out in the film?
  2. Compare how Heathcliff is portrayed in the novel compared to the film.

Task 3 – Romanticism and the Gothic period

Romanticism was an artistic and literary movement that originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century. Gothic novels are a classic genre from the Romantic era. Emily Brontë’s novel contains many Gothic features.

  1. Which elements are often described as “Gothic features”?
  2. Find and describe the various Gothic features in the film.

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