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TasksAndActivitiesOppgaver og aktiviteter

Tasks and Activites

Lispeth by Rudyard Kipling, Tasks and Activities

  1. Sum up the plot in a couple of lines.
  2. There are many references to local places in the story. What is the effect of that?
  3. The Chaplain, his wife and the Englishman are not mentioned by name. How do you interpret this?
  4. What impression do we get of Lispeth from the way she is portrayed in the story?
  5. Can you come up with any arguments in defence of the way Lispeth was treated by the Englishman and the Chaplain’s wife?
  6. How did Lispeth change when she understood that the Englishman would not come back? Can we interpret this as more than just a broken heart?
  7. There are several racist attitudes expressed in the story. Point out some of them. Do you think they reflect Kipling’s own attitudes, or are they meant ironically?
  8. How would the Englishman have told the story?
  9. Find the one conclusive quote that sums up Lispeth’s view after her experience.
  10. What does the story tell us about the customs of the natives? Why do you think the writer has chosen to describe their culture like that?
  11. How can the world map puzzle be interpreted symbolically?
  12. Discuss why “culture clash” probably is a too simple thematic understanding of the story?

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Literary period: The Victorian Era

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