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Considering Robinson Crusoe

Here are some extra questions and discussion tasks about Robinson Crusoe:

Cover for The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
  1. In what way is Robinson Crusoe a representative of the Enlightenment?
  2. List some of Robinson’s attitudes and values.
  3. How are these attitudes typical of his time in general?
  4. Compare Robinson’s attitudes to your own.

Some issues for discussion:

  1. Give examples (from history or today) of how people have rated one culture or one set of values as superior to another.
  2. Discuss the usefulness of terms like “primitive” and “advanced” when we talk about cultures.
  3. Mention examples (from history and today) of how a group of people try / tried to impose their cultural values upon other people, e.g. values such as:
    • democracy
    • religious belief
    • freedom of speech
    • sexual equality
    • racial equality
    • welfare measures
    • moral standards
    • dress code
  4. How can such cultural influence be justified?
  5. Is there a line somewhere between cultural influence (with good intentions) and violation of someone’s cultural integrity?

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The Enlightenment

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