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  • Literature from 1550 - 1780

    The Renaissance saw the rebirth of the classical ideals of ancient Greece and Rome. The Enlightenment focussed on new developments in science and philosophy.

  • Literature from 1780 to 1840

    The period from the late 18th century until around 1850 is called the Romantic Period or Era.

  • Literature from 1840 to 1900

    This section contains a wide range of English literary texts from 1840 to 1900.

  • Literature after 1900

    In this section you will find a wide selection of texts from and about literature in the English-speaking world after 1900.

  • Art and Films

    Art and films are central components of the subject "English Literature and Culture".

  • Cultural Aspects

    Cultural traditions and expressions have been an essential part of our lives since time immemorial.

  • Literary analysis

    The following articles and video animations will help you analyse and interpret a wide range of literary texts.

About English Literature and Culture

World literature

About English Literature and Culture

This English literature and culture course focuses on the intriguing relationship between text, culture and society. The study of a wide range of texts within a historical and cultural perspective encourages students to reflect on the art of writing, the joys of reading and the impact literature can have on both the individual and on an entire society.

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