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Red Dress - Tasks

Based on the resource Red Dress


Red Dress - Multiple Choice

Analyze the story

(It might be a good idea to have a look at How to Analyze a Short Story)
Jot down the references you find to body language before and after Raymond asks her to dance.

  1. Why do you think it changes the moment she starts dancing with Ray?
  2. What do you think is the climax in this story? Explain.
  3. What do you think is the turning point in this story? Explain.
  4. The ingress states that this story’s theme to a great extent is about communication and lack of communication. Do you agree?
  5. Mary is not a mainstream teenage girl. In which sense is she different? Why do you think Alice is so fascinated by her?
  6. The red dress might be seen as a symbol. What might it represent?


  1. The daughter/mother relationship is quite essential in this story. Do you think this relationship differs from the one any “normal” teenager has to his/her mum?
  2. Discuss why Alice seems to be so embarrassed by her mother. Take a look at how this story ends; do you think the mother/daughter relationship changes in the end?
  3. Discuss what Alice means by the following statements:
    • “I thought that I ought to tell him there was a mistake, that I was just leaving, I was just going to have a hot chocolate with my girl friend. But I did not say anything."
    • "Lonnie was probably not going to be my friend any more, not as much as before anyway. She was what Mary would call boy-crazy."
    • "I went around the house to the back doors, thinking, I have been to a dance and a boy walked me home and kissed me. It was all true. My life was possible."
  4. This story is about finding your identity. Do you think it is also about finding your sexual identity?
  5. Why does Alice along with many teenagers suffer from a low self-esteem? What is important to raise young people’s self-esteem?
  6. How can we see that this story is not from the present time? Why is the theme still relevant?
Last updated 05/29/2018
Written by: Eli Huseby

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