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Eveline - Tasks and Activities

Eveline by James Joyce

Tasks and Activities

  1. The story has an interior dialogue that takes place in Eveline’s head. Take a closer look, and find the two voices that are speaking.
  2. How is this dialogue reflected in the structure of the story?
  3. Eveline has a difficult decision to make. List the arguments she uses to convince herself of either of the two options.
  4. At what point did you understand what decision she would end up with?
  5. What brings about Eveline’s epiphany? (See the introduction.)
  6. There are a number of symbolic elements in the story – the dust, the old objects, the childhood memories, her mother’s death, her father’s violence, Frank’s travelling tales – what do these symbols represent?
  7. In what way is the story an example of modernist writing? Follow this link for more information about Modernism
  8. Most of us have, at one time, been in a situation like this. What do you think of Eveline’s decision? Is she fulfilling her duty, or is she choosing the easy way out?
  9. What do you think is the theme of the short story?
  10. Comment on these quotes:
  • “She was tired.”
  • “- she, Eveline.”
  • “Escape! She must escape!”
  • “A bell clanged upon her heart.”
  • “He would drown her.”
Last updated 05/29/2018
Written by: Jan-Louis Nagel

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