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Sentence Types - Tasks

Task 1

Give the characteristic form of the three main sentence types of English.


Declarative sentences have normal word order with the subject before the verbal – (the SV order). Example: She likes it.
Interrogative sentences have inverted word order with an auxiliary before the subject – (the vSV order). Example: Does she like it? What does she like?
If the question word is the subject, we have normal word order: Example: Who stole the painting?
Imperative sentences often drop the subject: Example: Read carefully before use, but may include it. Example: Somebody open the window/You do as I say.

Task 2

Label these sentences as either declarative, interrogative or imperative? Put in suitable punctuation marks. Which of the three types are interactive? One example below can be understood as a rhetorical question. Which? How do you know?

  1. The bomb scare was a hoax
  2. How would you like to have it cooked, sir
  3. I don’t particularly like his approach
  4. Have you seen his latest show
  5. Send for more information now
  6. Who was elected American president late in 1999
  7. Do help yourself to some more cake
  8. Never have I heard such nonsense presented at a serious meeting
  9. Who wouldn’t want a ticket for a Bruce Springsteen show
  10. Nobody move
  1. Declarative: The bomb scare was a hoax.
  2. Wh-interrogative: How would you like to have it cooked, sir?
  3. Declarative: I don’t particularly like his approach.
  4. Yes-No interrogative: Have you seen his latest show?
  5. Imperative: Send for more information now.
  6. Wh-interrogative: Who was elected American president late in 1999?
  7. Imperative: Do help yourself to some more cake! (insistent)
  8. Declarative: Never have I heard such nonsense presented at a meeting.
  9. Wh-Interrogative: Who wouldn’t want a ticket for a Bruce Springsteen show? (Rhetorical)
  10. Imperative: Nobody move!

Punctuation is sometimes a matter of subjective choice. We have chosen to use a normal full stop in sentence 5, but an exclamation mark in sentence 7 because it has a more insistent tone; likewise in sentence 10 because of its function as a warning/threat.

Task 3 (advanced)

The material below outlines the advantages of online dating. It is drastically reduced from the original at this website:


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“ is like Baskin-Robbins' 31 flavors: blondes, redheads, Egyptians and probably a set of Siamese twins if you were to search long enough.”
-Glamour Magazine


Like what you've seen on Now, take the next step and become a member. First, create a Free profile and tell us a little about yourself and what you're looking for in a partner and relationship. In addition to creating a Free profile, members can post photos and send winks all for free.


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a) Identify interrogative and imperative sentences in this material.
b) What is the effect of using such sentence types?
c) What meaning and effect does the quote from Glamour Magazine have in this context?
d) What does Baskin-Robbins’ 31 flavors refer to?
e) In the paragraph called FIND YOUR LOVE there is mention of a guarantee. Write a short
text where you comment on this type of guarantee.


Interrogative sentences:
Who’s on
Like what you’ve seen on (shortened form for Do you like what…?)
How quickly would you give…?
Is it worth it?

Imperative sentences:
Search free through….
Now, take the next step and become a member
(two imperatives)
First create a profile and tell us…
(two imperatives)
Find your love
Begin by telling… and start looking…
(two imperatives)
Think about….
how much you… (shortened for Think about how much you spend…)
Get started now and find out for yourself.
(two imperatives)

The effect of using such sentence types is that the text becomes interactive and feels like it communicates directly with a reader, here referred to by the personal pronoun YOU. This effect is further strengthened by its use of informal language.


The effect of the quote from Glamour Magazine is that is made to appear as a dating community where people can find partners of all sorts, no matter their preferences.

Baskin Robbins’ 31 flavors is an American brand name, a high-profiled chain of ice-cream outlets, where you can choose from (at least) 31 flavours.

No answer.

Last revised date 11/14/2018
Written by: Per Lysvåg

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