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Caribbean English

Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent

Pre-reading: Locate Saint Vincent (St. Vincent) on a map and then do a picture search using search engines like Google. What are your impressions of the country from these pictures?

Tony, the interviewee, is currently a student in Edinburgh, Scotland. His native country is the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent, which belongs to a group of islands called the Grenadines. Enjoy his Caribbean English accent and get ready for a transfer to Paradise...or..?

Saint Vincent - Society and Culture (11:28)


Tasks and Activities


Tony from Saint Vincent

Tony from Saint Vincent

After listening to the recording you should try the multiple choice task in the link collection.


  1. After listening to the interview, do you feel like visiting Saint Vincent?
  2. How does Saint Vincent's culture compare to the culture(s) in your country?
  3. Would you have liked to grow up on Saint Vincent? Why, why not. Base your discussion on what Tony reveals about his upbringing.
  4. Saint Vincent is a tropical island. Discuss in pairs what you associate with tropical island and note down ten keywords from your discussion. Do you feel your keywords reflect a true image of Saint Vincent or more of a dream world. If so, why is this?


1. Journey
Choose 3 islands in the Grenadines. Saint Vincent should be one of them. Make a journey where you visit attractions that are important for the various islands' cultural identity. Give reasons for your choice.

2. Guide for Saint Vincent

This site gives information about culture, language, etiquette rules, etc. that apply for the Bahamas: Kwintessential the Bahamas . Use the information in the interview and search the internet for further information to create a similar guide for Saint Vincent.

3. Culture and Language

Discover Saint Vincent

Slavery Jamaica

Country Studies the Bahamas

Use the websites listed above and find out:

  • about the origin of the Black Caribs/Afro-Caribbeans in the Grenadines, Jamaica and the Bahamas
  • about how they blended in with the local population
  • about the impact on the culture and history of the islands
  • about the development of various Afro-Caribbean English accents

Recommended Film and Novel

Amistad (1997, directed by Steven Spielberg)

The Book of Negroes/Someone Knows My Name (Lawrence Hill)

Last updated 11/14/2018
Written by: Morten Serkland and Eli Huseby

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