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Creole Culture and Language

Creole languages are spoken in many parts of the world, especially in places that have been colonies. These languages are all based on the mother tongue of the colonial power and have gradually blended with local native languages and other main languages. This also applies to the culture and the people. Thus the term Creole is also used about people that are locally born, but have foreign ancestry. We can talk about Creole food, music and traditions.

In the Seychelles, the Creole language is based on French. As you will learn Creole language and culture is very colourful.

Pre-listening Activity

Anne Marie from the Seychelles, who currently lives in Liverpool, wants to ask you the following questions. Answer with yes or no.

  1. Anne Marie Seychelles

    Anne Marie Seychelles

    Do you know where the Seychelles is located?
  2. Do you know anything about Creole languages and culture?
  3. Do you think people from the Seychelles like to travel?
  4. Do you think the climate in the Seychelles is better than in Liverpool?
  5. Looking at my picture, do you think I am a happy person?

In the following interview (ab. 6 min.) Anne Marie will enlighten you about Creole and her native island, the Seychelles. But first search for the Seychelles flag, which has five colours. Try to find out what these colours symbolise.

Look at the picture and ponder these questions:

  • What do you think her English accent is like? Try to imagine how her voice sounds.
  • What do you think her personality is like?
  • Looking at her eyes, how do you think she interacts with other people?
  • Try to say something about her approach to life.
  • Where do you think this photo of Anne Marie is taken?

Queen Creole


Tasks and Activities


Here are the answers. Make the questions.

  1. 1985
  2. One daughter and two grandchildren
  3. Off the coast of Africa
  4. Friendly, nice food and romantic
  5. English and Creole French
  6. Every 3 to 4 years
  7. People change, I never change
  8. Good all the time
  9. Seychelles Rupee
  10. It is expensive
  11. It is quite low
  12. Mauritius
  13. Like to experience different cultures
  14. It depends on the way you are brought up
  1. Arrived in Britain
  2. Family
  3. Location of the Seychelles
  4. Description of the Seychelles
  5. Languages
  6. Go back home
  7. Changes
  8. Climate
  9. Currency
  10. Economy
  11. Income
  12. Neighbour island
  13. About Seychelles people
  14. Happiness


  1. According to Anne Marie her childhood has made her a happy person. Do you agree with her; are good childhood experiences the only way to happiness?
  2. A lot of people tend to be judgemental towards people with another cultural background than themselves. How do you think Anne Marie with her cultural make-up can contribute in her new setting?

Find Out

  • Where are Creole languages spoken?
  • Why is the term Creole especially associated with Louisianna and New Orelans?
  • Find examples of Creole food, music and traditions.
Last updated 11/14/2018
Written by: Morten Serkland

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