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Published: 25.07.2013, Updated: 04.03.2017
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Yes You Can

Using rubrics when assessing students' work, may clarify what is actually being assessed and give the students and the teacher a common language to discuss the quality of the work.

Assessment RubricsAssessment Rubrics  Marking EssayMarking Essay Yes You CanYes You Can  Medalje. Foto.Assessment  

The students should of course be given the rubrics before solving the task so that they know what the teacher will be assessing. Below you will find a collection of rubrics for oral and written assignments. Some of the rubrics can be downloaded as word-documents so that you can revise and adjust them to your needs – preferably together with your students.

Assessing Speaking Skills

These assessment rubrics list what characterize speaking skills on three different levels: high, medium and low.

Assessment Oral PresentationsForfatter: Åse Elin Langeland 
Assessment Oral Presentations

Assessing Writing Skills

These assessment rubrics list what characterize essays on three different levels: high, medium and low.

Assessment Form for Written Task 
Assessment Criteria - EssayForfatter: Åse Elin Langeland 

This assessment rubric lists characteristics of argumentative essays giving points on different criteria. Add up the points.

Argument Essay Rubric (points) 

These assesment rubrics will show the student what you will be looking at when you are assessing their essay. It leaves space to tick off for grade 1-6 and room for a brief personal comment

Assessment Criteria Essay 1-6Forfatter: Åse Elin Langeland, Anne Mette Raanås
Assessment Criteria - Literary EssayForfatter: Åse Elin Langeland, Anne Mette Raanås 


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