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Published: 10.01.2012, Updated: 04.03.2017
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Quizlet lets you create and share word sets, that is lists of words and their explanation or translation. These sets are turned into flashcards, various tests, and even a game, which means that you can choose what works best for you to learn. There are lots of existing sets on many topics for you to use as well, but you learn quite a lot by making them yourself.

Forfatter: Feuillu
If you want, you can download the sets you have made on a smart phone – that means you can learn new words wherever and whenever you like. You’ll find Quizlet apps for the operating systems iOS (Apple) at Quizlet-Powered iPhone Apps and Android at Android Apps for Studying Quizlet Sets.

Another site that may help you is Vocabulary. Based on your answer to a few questions, the site predicts which vocabulary words you don’t know and teaches them to you. Through your user account you can also track your progress. It’s like a vocabulary test, except there’s no grade and no teacher breathing down your neck.

In addition, the site has a very helpful dictionary which reads the word aloud, gives you definitions, examples of how a word is used in real texts, synonyms, and explains how you can more easily remember the word. Have a look at the entry for hover, for instance.

Furthermore, you may find the Wordsmyth Now Widget useful. Find the link on the middle of the page and pull it to your bookmark bar – click the bookmark to open an instant search window in your browser for when you come across a new word on a website. You can choose between different dictionary levels. On the same page you can also find a glossary maker which has some useful features when you want to make your own word lists.

Finally, Merriam-Webster offers a dictionary, games, videos, lists and other things related to words.

Learn More about the Words You Already Know

As your vocabulary grows and you can say something about more and more topics and events, its time to increase the precision and depth of the dictionary in your head. This is where Thesaurus comes in handy. On this site you can put any word in the search field and get a list of possible synonyms and antonyms. You will also find a large set of ready-made flashcards that you can study and be quizzed about.