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The Year 2011

Published: 04.01.2012, Updated: 04.03.2017
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On looking down memory lane, which international events do you remember from the year that has just passed? Make a list of five events and compare with a fellow student?

Watch this video and do the following tasks.

Video Tasks

After watching Google's attempt to sum up 2011:

  1. Which event(s) do you miss from a Norwegian point of view?
  2. Why do you think this/these events are missing?
  3. We get a quick glimpse of the Norwegian flag in the video. What is the context?
  4. Discuss why the events in the video and in the survey by Google Zeitgeist (ten top events/persons) were the results of the most commonly searched words in 2011.
  5. Make your own news board with ten headings that you think reflect the most significant international and local news in 2011.

Search Words

Write down ten words that you expect to be among the most commonly search terms on Google. Then compare with this list from Google: Google Zeitgeist 2011 

  1. How many matches were there between your list and that of Google?
  2. Did any of Google's top ranking search words surprise you. If so, why?