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A Cultural Meeting with India

Published: 14.12.2011, Updated: 04.03.2017

India is a diverse and complex country. With its 1.2 billion people the country faces a lot of challenges - and possibilities. Over the latest decades India has risen from an undeveloped country to an economic superpower. How has this been possible?

A key word is definitely cheap labour and a phenomenon we are going to take a closer look at - "outsourcing".

By going from "platform" to "platform" (from 1 to 6) and working with tasks related to important themes in your English course, you will end up with a survey of topics dealing with values and social conditions in India (the English speaking world) and information about jobs and careers.

Platform 1Platform 1

Platform 1

Read background information about India on this link.

You can read the full text or the text in brief and listen to it by clicking the play button.



Platform 2Platform 2

Platform 2


 Translate words (Vocabulary - in hidden text) that are associated with work and careers into Norwegian by using NDLA's online dictionary.



  • Employer
  • Employee
  • Hire
  • Fire (about work)
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Office
  • Desk
  • Tele-marketing
  • Manager
  • Retire
  • Fringe benefits
  • Unemployed
  • Boss
  • Salary/Wages
  • Holiday/Vacation
  • Severance pay
  • Interview
  • Call-centre
  • Goal
  • Bonus
  • Outsource

Choose 5 of the words and create sentences to demonstrate that you are familiar with the use of the words.


Platform 3Platform 3

Platform 3

Look at the pictures below and answer the questions related to each picture. You may use www to do some reserach.




What do you see in the picture?

Picture 1

How would our food taste without this?How would our food taste without this? What are the English words for: krydder, kanel, nellik, muskat, pepper, karry and gurkemeie? Find out what the East India Company was and what they traded in.




Picture 2

A Map of IndiaIndiaWhich impression do you get of the size of the country? Name the biggest cities. What is the capital of India called? What do you associate with the Ganges? Which are the neighbouring countries? What do you know about India's relationship to these countries?






Picture 3

An advertisementAn advertisement  What kind of job is advertised in this ad? What do you think makes Indians as a workforce attractive on the global market? Why are Indians preferred before e.g. Chinese or Japanese workers?





Picture 4

indian shrine decorated with light. Photo.India - Chennai - Festival of Lamps  India is famous for its traditional festivals. What is the origin of most of these festivals? Choose one traditional festival and describe how it is celebrated.






Picture 5

Indian Superstar. photo.Indian Superstar   This picture portrays an actress that is immensely popular in India. What is the nick name used about the tradition of Indian films? How is it different from traditional American films? Where is the Indian film industry based?










Picture 6

Traditional paintingTraditional painting What is this painting called? What does the paint consist of and on which occasion is it traditionally used? Why is the colour red used in this context do you think? Check out this site Symbolic colours in India 









Picture 7

The river Ganges is considered holyThe river Ganges is considered holy The Ganges is a holy river to worshippers. To which religion do the worshippers belong and how do they use the river? Why do they consider it holy? 





Picture 8

Elephant as a symbolElephant as a symbol  What does the elephant symbolise in Indian culture? Hint: take a look at this link Animal symbols  










Platform 4

All the students watch the film Outsourced (2007) directed by  John Jeffcoat. You may watch the film trailer here Outsourced - movie trailer 

Platform 5

After watching the film, go to this link, read a short summary and do a selection of the questions     

Platform 6 (optional)

If you have time left, check these links to learn more about outsourcing and the recent "twist" that has occurred - India outsources outsourcing  (news article) and to get some information about outsourcing from an Indian viewpoint watch this excerpt from the documentary The Other Side of Outsourcing.

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