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Travel Writing

Published: 24.08.2011, Updated: 14.12.2011
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You may have been there - in an airport lounge somewhere, sweaty and tired, waiting for hours for a plane that didn't come ...or you may have had a smooth, refreshing journey. Anyway, a traveller always has something to write about. Being a travel writer, there is one certain, unchanging aspect of your life - the uncertainty. What will be waiting ahead on your next journey?

Watch the video about travel writers and try the tasks.


  1. Which countries do these writers tell us about?
  2. Why do the travellers want to write about their travels?
  3. How does the writer describe traffic in Dehli?
  4. What did the writer want to look for in Peru?
  5. What happened to the writer who lived with a medicine man in the Indonesian jungle?
  6. Why does the last writer mention Indiana Jones?


Write a few paragraphs describing a place you have visited. Remember to describe, sounds, smells, colours and atmosphere.

Use adjectives and adverbs to add nuances to your description. Do not focus on describing the whole place or as much as possible. You should rather dive into details and search for the characteristic details.

Write an essay about the benefits of travelling, where you also include some advice about how to be prepared for unexpected situations.


  1. What characterizes a good travel writer?
  2. Which sacrifices does he/she have to make?
  3. What are the advantages of being a travel writer?
  4. Could you have become a good travel writer? Why/why not?