Task: Work assignment

17th May – The National Day of Norway

Published: 04.05.2011, Updated: 04.03.2017
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Fill in the open spaces by checking the hints on the following list.

  1. “Å hilse” in a more official context.
  2. Make an adjective out of “ceremony”
  3. “Flying colours” ?
  4. This tree is called “birk” in Danish.
  5. “Sløyfe”? Something like “strimmel” in Norwegian
  6. Preposition after congratulate? (not “with”)
  7. “markere” should be quite simple.
  8. “Grunnlov”. Begin with a big “C”
  9. “Storting” may be a Big Thing but it begins with “Ass…”
  10. Norwegian “for” is not always “for” in English.
  11. But this one begins with “for…”
  12. When something is very special it is “u…”
  13. Something more grand than “freedom”
  14. “Path-finder” – boys and girls
  15. What you say when you raise your glass
  16. Those who stand by are the ….
  17. Every country has one
  18. “Russ”? After the final exam you are a…
  19. What have they just done?
  20. See what you can come up with. The English word “cured” means more than “kurert”.
  21. “For å si det mildt”. Remember adverb, and “say” is not first choice.
  22. “Konkurranse” Con… or com…
  23. In the neighbourhood.
  24. Check 9) and add a word for public building.
  25. One or two “l”s? Both actually – but it depends…
  26. This usually introduces a question.
  27. “Blant” is not “among”, at least not here…
  28. When you obtain something you have made an …
  29. What do you have when you get together?
  30. What do you do when you are social?

17. mai ved Eidsvollbygningen17. mai ved Eidsvollbygningen

The day usually starts with a 1)_________ at seven, just to give the day a 2)_________ start. There are 3)_________ flags all around, and the light green 4)_________ of spring are in full blossom. Soon people fill the streets, looking happy and carrying flags and 5)_________ in the national colours, and congratulating each other 6)_________ the new national day. The day is actually a 7)_________ of the Norwegian 8)_________ which was signed by the first national 9)_________ in 1814.

10)_________ a 11)_________ Norwegians may look like extreme nationalists on this day, and to be honest, Norway has a 12)_________ tradition of celebrating its 13)... and independence in a way that few other nations can compete with. The national day parade is an example of this tradition. School children, 14)_________ and all kinds of organisations join up and parade through the streets, 15)_________ by the 16)_________ as they pass. School bands join up, playing all the popular marches and the national 17)_________ The 18)_________ or 19)_________-_________ in their red and blue uniforms also give their share to the festivities. The scene may come close to a carnival parade in Rio, but this is all together something completely different.
After the parade families join in a traditional lunch consisting of 20)_________ ,all Norwegian specialities. This is to many the highlight of the day. A foreigner definitely will find this meal interesting, 21)_________

In the afternoon there are 22)_________ and activities for the children in the 23)_________ school yard. The parents join in, and enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. Later on there is partying in the local 24)_________ or in private homes 25)_________ the early hours.

There are many reasons 26)_________ the 17th May is the highlight of the year and is popular 27)_________ so many Norwegians. It is a ceremonial and grand memorial day of highly celebrated political ideas and 28)_________ But it is also a popular 29)_________ and a welcome excuse for some real partying and 30)_________.

Suggested key

2) Ceremonial
3) Flying (norsk “vaiende”)
4) Birches
5) Streamer
6) On
7) Marking
8) Constitution
9) Assembly
10) To
11) Foreigner
12) Unique
13) Liberty
14) Scouts
15) Cheered
16) By-standers
17) Anthem
18) Graduates
19) School-leavers
20) Sour cream porridge, cured ham, cured leg of mutton, scrambled eggs, flatbread, dry twist
21) To put it mildly
22) Contest and competition
23) Local
24) Assembly halls
25) Until or till
26) Why
28) Achievements
29) Get-together
30) socializing