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A Mixed Marriage

Published: 19.05.2011, Updated: 04.03.2017
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What is a mixed marriage? Why can a mixed marriage be challenging?

This radio play is an adaptation of a novel by New Zealand writer Patricia Grace. It gives you an idea of some the challenges that might arise in a mixed marriage. Ripeka, a Maori, marries Graeme, a Pakeha, but living in the city, Ripeka finds that she is homesick for her family and traditional life.

The Maori, a Polynesian people, were the first inhabitants of New Zealand. Today they share the land with the descendants of Europeans who came to the islands centuries later. The Maori call their neighbors of European descent Pakeha. Marriage between Maori and people of European descent has become increasingly common in N ew Zealnd.

Patricia Grace is a New Zealand writer and an important figure in the rise and development of Maori fiction. Born to a Maori father and a European mother, Grace identifies herself as Maori. She is considered the first Maori woman writer and has given voice to the Maori people's distinct culture revealing to the larger world what it means to be Maori. Her books are strongly influenced by the Maori oral tradition.

This radioplay, A Mixed Marriage is an adaptation of her novel Mutuwhenua: The Moon Sleeps (1978). It examines the marriage between Ripeka, a Maori woman and Graeme, a Pakeha.

A Mixed Marriage 1

A Mixed Marriage, Part One – plain text 

A Mixed Marriage 2 


A Mixed Marriage, Part Two – plain text  


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