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Published: 21.03.2011, Updated: 04.03.2017

Try these tasks after reading the texts about Hand Tools  and Marking and Measuring Tools.

Hand Tools



Use the dictionary and translate the following words into Norwegian

  • to forge –
  • jaw –
  • adjustable -
  • sheet metal –
  • to pinch –
  • to chip –
  • wire -


Use the information in the Hand Tools text and try the multiple choice task:
Hand Tools - Multiple Choice 


 Choose the correct verb: use made of with a noun; is used to with a verb infinitive; is used for with a verb -ing form:
Hand Tools, verbs - drag and drop 

Find Out

Go to this link Iron alloy phases (use table about iron alloy phases) and find the difference between tool steel, carbon steel and cast iron?



Marking and Measuring Tools



Translate the following text into Norwegian.


It is very important to lay out, mark and measure a workpiece accurately. A spirit level and a try square are layout tools which show the position and angle of surfaces. With a scriber a worker can scratch lines on a metal workpiece so that he will know where to cut. Vernier callipers and micrometers can give an accurate measurement of the diameter of an object and dividers can be used to transfer measurements from an engineer’s rule to a workpiece.



  1. Use the information in the text Marking and Measuring Tools. Are these statements True or False?
    1. A scriber is made from tool steel.
    2. A Vernier Calliper gauge is the most accurate way of measuring diameter.
    3. The position of the bubble in a spirit level shows if a surface is level or not.
    4. A try square shows if the angle between two surfaces is 90 degrees.
    5. The top hoop in dividers is made of tool steel.
    6. A centre punch is used to mark lines on metal.
    7. An engineer’s rule is made of wood.
    8. A micrometer can measure to an accuracy of 0.01mm
  2. Do the interactive task:
    Measuring Tools, Uses - Drag and Drop  




Tools - Swap the Letters


Oral or Written Presentation

You have probably used some of these tools in the school workshop or at work. Describe a job you have done. (What you did/made, tools used and what you used them for)

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