Working with Projects - Oral Presentation Checklist

Published: 01.06.2011

Tick off
when done

Things to check


Have I introduced my topic properly/clearly?


Is the main part of my presentation the findings of my project?


Am I speaking clearly/loudly so those in the back can hear me?


Do I have small notes to help me, and not full sheets of paper?


Am I prepared to speak freely, using my notes to help me, and NOT reading from my notes?


Do I have eye contact with the audience?


Have I checked that I have the right pronunciation of difficult words?


Am I showing interest and enthusiasm in my voice?


Have I presented my conclusion?


Have I asked the class if they have any questions?


Have I met the time requirement?


Have I printed out and given the teacher a copy BEFORE the presentation begins?


IF working with a partner: have I arranged with my partner who will say what?


Can I present my part of the presentation without the other person (in case he/she is sick)?


If using Power Point, can all the slides be read clearly (have I chosen correct colors/font size..)?


Do I only have key words on the slide?  (remember not to read from the slides?

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