Working with Projects - Report Writing Checklist

Published: 01.06.2011, Updated: 21.09.2011


Tick off
when done

Things to check


Subject/Verb agreement – singular subject needs singular verb, 3PS takes S!


Verb tense:  am I using the right tense (tid)? Am I using the –ing form properly? Have I checked that I am not changing tense in the same sentence? Have I check for irregular verbs? Have I used the  –ed ending for past tense of regular verbs?


Incomplete sentences?  Do all my sentences have a SUBJECT and VERB?


Spelling:  have I re-read to check for mistakes?


Plural S:  when nouns (substantive) are plural did I add an S or ES?


Lengthy/Run-On Sentences:  are some too long?


Connecting Words:  Have I used connecting words between sentences, therefore, so, since, then, although,


Capital Letters: first word in all sentences, the pronoun I, titles for people (Prime Minister), days of week, months of year, countries, nationalities?


Punctuation:  Do I have periods or question marks at the ends of sentences?


Apostrophe:  Do I have this when words are contracted (it’s) and when using genitive (belonging to – my friend’s car)?


Re-read:  Have I re-read what I have written?

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