How to Use Easy Texts

Published: 08.03.2011, Updated: 04.03.2017

We have produced easier versions of a number of our original texts. These are titled "Text in Brief" and you will find the easier text link at the beginning of the original text. Some of the original texts have been shortened or divided up into shorter text units and some tasks made easier/changed.

Easy text, exampleEasy text, example In the Text in Brief version you will find the most important information on a particular theme, but we have tried to present it in more easily “digestible” pieces with suitable activities. In addition, there are some easy texts which are not derived from, but have a common theme with other texts in the menu. Many of the easy texts deal with culture and society.

  • All the texts are to be found in the menu Tasks and Revision. See main menu.
  • The Text in Brief is also in the link collection under Subject related in each text.

The easy texts can be used in parallel with the original text to differentiate in the classroom or they can be used instead of the original texts.