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YouTube in the Classroom

Published: 02.07.2012, Updated: 03.07.2013
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On this website, you will find suggestions of how to use youtube in class. This will expose your students to different methods of learning English, one of the targets in the English curriculum. (utnytte og vurdere ulike situasjoner, arbeidsmåter og strategier for å lære seg engelsk)

The videos presented here are examples of:

  • animated poetry (visual representation of a text)
  • kinetic typography (moving text)
  • creative advertisements
  • social awareness campaign videos eg. environmental issues
  • promotional clips for TV programmes
  • historical video material
  • music videos - presenting musicians and actors
  • videos which have recreated well-known video content to communicate a different message
  • clips available for all curricular subjects not only language teaching
  • short videos telling a complete story (ideal for the classroom when time is limited)
  • videos of people's everyday lives