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Australia - The Country I Love

Published: 07.10.2010, Updated: 04.03.2017
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Roger de Vos - Australian tour guideRoger de Vos - Australian tour guide
Forfatter: Morten Serkland
Roger de Vos is an Australian tour guide who loves his country and is an expert on geography, wildlife and Australian affairs.

In this fairly long interview he is telling us about different aspects of Australia.

You may choose to listen to the entire interview and do the tasks afterwards, or you may stop after each main topic and do the tasks linked to that specific topic.

Tour Guiding Australia, 20:47
Forfatter: Morten Serkland

States and Territories (0 - 1:57)

  1. How are the states more politically independent than the territories?
  2. Why is Western Australia the most affluent state?
  3. What are some of the characteristics of Tasmania?
  4. According to Roger, which two states are rivals?

Cities (1:57 - 3:45)

  1. How many people live in Australia?
  2. Why is the infrastructure good in most Australian cities?
  3. Mention four big Australian cities.
  4. What is the population of Sydney?
  5. Why are the streets of Sydney so congested?
  6. How many inhabitants are there in Perth?
  7. What is the unemployment rate in Australia?

Transport (3:45 - 4:29)

  1. What is the main means of transport in Australia?
  2. At what age can Australians get their driving license?
  3. What does Roger say about fuel prices?
  4. Mention a characteristic about the transport system in Melbourne.

Holidays (4:29 -  6:16)

  1. When is the summer holiday in Australia?
  2. Is Australia in the northern or in the southern hemisphere?
  3. Why is Labour Day celebrated?
  4. According to Roger, what is the most peculiar holiday and when is it celebrated?

Tasmania (6:16 - 8:44)

  1. When was Tasmania separated from the mainland?
  2. Explain what a marsupial is.
  3. Why is the Tasmanian tiger extinct today?
  4. What kind of forest does Roger say is typical for Tasmania?

Traveling (8:44 - 13:03)

  1. From which three countries do most of the tourists come?
  2. Which Scandinavian country has most tourists in Australia?
  3. What does Roger say about Bali?
  4. What are "traveling legs"?
  5. What is backpacking?
  6. Roger states that traveling is a "generational thing". What does he mean by that?
  7. How old was he when he toured Europe?

Schools (13:02 - 14:32)

  1. Roger mentions socioeconomic background. Why?
  2. At what age do children in Australia start school?
  3. How does Roger look at his own school background?
  4. Australian teenagers have several options after graduation from high school. What are their two main choices?

The Metric System (14:32 - 15:22)

  1. When was the metric system introduced in Australia?
  2. How long is one mile in kilometers?
  3. How much is one pound in kilograms?
  4. What is the currency in Australia?

What I Miss about Australia ( 15:22 - 16:43)

  1. What is Roger's attitude towards sports?
  2. What does he miss about the Australian weather?
  3. What does he miss most of all?
  4. What's "wrong" with the UK with respect to open spaces?