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“Spiderman” Strikes Again

Published: 04.09.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017
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He is a daredevil. He is fast. He has the superhuman dexterity of the Spiderman we know from cartoons and movies. But this guy is real – and soon he may be climbing a wall near you.

Building climbBuilding climbAlain Robert (48) was arrested again this week after having climbed the 57-storey Lumiere Building in Sydney. Without any safety equipment, ropes or harness he scaled the building in about 30 minutes.

He attracted the attention of many passers-by and the crowd cheered as he reached the top, where the police were waiting for him. He has been arrested and fined in many countries. Last year he was fined $750 after climbing the 48-storey Royal Bank of Scotland.

Robert has climbed close to 80 buildings around the world, because he wants to raise awareness of global warming, and the fact that it may soon be too late to avoid irreversible climate change.

His spectacular and somewhat eccentric way of drawing attention started when he as a child was locked out of his apartment. So instead of waiting for his parents he climbed eight storeys to get in.

Check out the two links below and do the tasks

  1. Check your dictionary for the words dexterity, harness, scale and make some sentences with each of them in contexts with different meanings.
  2. Alain Robert is risking his life and is in fact breaking the law to draw attention to what he sees as a good cause. Is that all right? Do you think he is a hero or just a stupid daredevil? Talk about it with your mates and make a class-room discussion.