Working with International Conflicts

Below you will find a set of tasks that highlight international and global conflicts. Use the suggested web sites, and others you may know of, and answer the questions (below) in writing. Choose one conflict as your area of focus.

A New World Order

Centers of growth and power in the world have changed and shifted throughout the centuries. Rich and powerful empires have come and gone. Can you name any of them? Where do you think the world’s power centers will be in 20 or 50 years time?

A Cultural Meeting with India

India is a diverse and complex country. With its 1.2 billion people the country faces a lot of challenges - and possibilities. Over the latest decades India has risen from an undeveloped country to an economic superpower. How has this been possible?

Formal and Informal Language

You would use different language with a sister or brother than with a teacher or boss. You probably speak in another way at a party than at a business meeting. You could say the exact same words on the beach as in a museum, but it would probably sound quite different, even without you thinking about it.

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