Exploring English Vg1-Vg3 (CAPPELEN DAMM)

Published: 02.06.2010, Updated: 03.07.2013
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This is an excellent site for the study of the English language written for upper secondary English teaching in Norway. Although there is an available textbook, Exploring English, the site may be used as easily accessible resource pages. It is divided into three parts: Del A: Tekstforming (writing), Del B: Grammatikk (grammar) and Del C: Oppslagsdel (resources). Del A: Tekstforming (writing) includes advice on formal and informal styles of writing, sentence construction, conjunctions, coordinates, written and oral genres, linguistic tools etc. Del B: Grammatikk (grammar) focuses on basic and more advanced grammatical references students in upper secondary may find difficult. Del C: Oppslagsdel (resources) deals with oral and written communication, differences between British and American English, problem words, punctuation and an overview of irregular verbs. Parts A, B, and C, all have interactive excercises.