Published: 26.05.2010, Updated: 03.07.2013

The following website has been developed for Stunt – a textbook written for English upper secondary learning in Norway. The website is free and allows both teacher and student a great amount of flexibility. It follows the structure of the textbook and is divided into five chapters. The website includes various text exercises such as comprehension questions for each chapter, different language activities such as Matching, Fill in, Crosswords etc. which someone not using the book could find useful. “Webquests” or research activities may include finding material on a certain topic or writers, listening to a podcaste or watching a video clip. The simplified texts may be used by both teachers and students who are not following the book. There are mp3 recordings of all the literary texts as well as short background material to the writers. The online listening comprehensions are available for the student and printable listening transcripts for the teacher.