Subject Material

Exercise 8 - Question and Answer (Q&A)

Published: 29.06.2010

Read the text below and do the task at the end.

The following question and answer appeared in the section of the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail on March 19, 2010. Read the question and the answer which is provided and then do the task at the end.


Frank Durante of Edmonton says his daughter would like to know if there's a hierarchy attached to the differently coloured hard hats worn by construction crews.


“Generally, white appears to indicate managers, supervisors, engineers or architects,” writes Carla Hagstrom of Toronto. “Yellow indicates labourers; blue, technical advisers, electricians, plumbers or on-site medical personnel; red, safety inspectors; green, visitors; orange, road-construction or general labourers.”


Do some research to find out if there are similar (or different ) correspondences in Norway between the colour of the hats of construction people and their jobs. Write a short text where you present your findings.