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Life After High School

Published: 09.06.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017
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The short story Life After High School is adapted to a radio play. It deals with peer pressure and what it takes to be "different" - an outsider. It might have been even harder in the USA of the 1950s, than it is today....What do you think? need to believe in something

Based on a short story by the well -known American writer Joyce Carol Oates, this short radio play deals with the moral conformity of life in the USA in the late 1950s. Joyce Carol Oates started her prolific literary career in the early 1960s and her short stories and novels have won wide critical acclaim. In much of her work she explores the individual and social corruption which is frequently found beneath the surface of normality.

In this play Zack is a young outsider who for some inexplicable reason does not fit in. Bright and full of life he tries hard to be liked and accepted, but he is rejected by everyone's favorite, the all-American girl Sunny, when he declares his love. Shortly afterwards he is found dead having taken his own life.

Looking back on their high-school days about 30 years later, Sunny and Tobias try to sort out what really happened at that time. What went wrong for the talented and intelligent Zack? What part did they play in his life? What secret did he hide? Why did he commit suicide?


Life after High School


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