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Takeaway - UK

Published: 07.10.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017

How often do you eat a takeaway meal? What kind of takeaway do you prefer?

TakeawayTakeaway 1
Opphavsmann: Leo Reynolds

Takeaway 2Takeaway 2
Opphavsmann: Emily Webber

Takeaway 3Takeaway 3
Opphavsmann: sludgegulper

Takeaway 4Takeaway 4
Opphavsmann: John Burke

Takeaway 5Takeaway 5
Opphavsmann: Goodrob 13

Takeaway 6Takeaway 6
Opphavsmann: Stevoarnold

Takeaway 7Takeaway 7
Opphavsmann: Frank Reese

Takeaway - UK
Forfatter: Eli Huseby


If you are in a hurry and want an inexpensive meal, you should look around for takeaway food. In most places throughout the world, you’ll find Chinese and Indian takeaways and restaurant chains like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wimpy and Pizza Hut.

However, in Britain there are more options to choose from. You have the traditional baked potato stalls, shellfish stalls and doughnut bars, but you must add to this picture a lot of regional variants from all over the world. In the big cities the population diversity and multiculturalism has had a great impact on food.




  1. Study the pictures and decide from which takeaway (1 - 7) you would buy your:
    • fish and chips
    • sushi
    • hamburgers
    • curries
    • chop suey
    • kebabs
    • chicken dishes
  2. Where would you personally buy your food, and why?
  3. Which country do the takeaways listed above originally come from?

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