Aussie in Glasgow (Dur: 8:47)

Published: 01.09.2010
Gregg, the taxi driver
Gregg, the taxi driver, NDLA
Roger from Australia
Roger from Australia, NDLA

Roger is from Melbourne in Australia. During a visit to Scotland he made this interview with Gregg, a Glaswegian taxi driver.

When you listen to this interview you will get the opportunity to enjoy a true Aussie and a true Glaswegian talking together. As you will hear, there are lots of differences in pronunciation and vocabulary.

Listen to the interview and then continue with the tasks below

Aussie in Glasgow (Dur: 8:47)
Opphavsmann: Roger de Vos


  1. This interview is taking place in front of a famous building in Glasgow. Which one?
  2. What does Roger think about Gregg as a taxi driver?
  3. What is Gregg’s reply to Roger’s compliment?
  4. How does Gregg characterize the Glaswegian accent?
  5. The word “Gaelic” is pronounced in different ways. How does Gregg pronounce it?
  6. Where in Scotland are the major Gaelic speaking areas?
  7. In Gregg’s opinion, what is the main difference between Glasgow and Edinburgh?
  8. How does he characterize the rivalry between the two cities?
  9. Why has Glaswegian developed into such a characteristic accent compared to other variants of English?
  10. How does Gregg characterize Glaswegian culture?
  11. Gregg says in the interview that they are laughing at the English. Why is that?
  12. Soccer is important in Scotland. Mention how Gregg proves this fact.
  13. Why are there few police cars to be seen in Glasgow?
  14. Which dish was invented in Glasgow?
  15. Towards the end of the interview Roger mentions a film which is set in Scotland. What is the name of this film?

Glaswegian dialect

  1. In some places throughout the interview Roger tries to imitate some of Gregg’s words and expressions. Listen to the text again, and try to join Roger in his attempts to pronounce Glaswegian.
  2. Try to formulate in your own words some of the characteristic features of the Glaswegian dialect.

Further research

Visit the homepage of the  University of Glasgow.
Choose a subject you would like to study there and find out

  1. Which courses are offered within your field?
  2. What is the semester fee?
  3. Is there any boarding provided for new students?
  4. Which student club would you like to join in your spare time?