Subject Material

At the Garage 3

Published: 12.02.2010

Role play

Opphavsmann: Ildar Sagdejev (Specious)

Characters: The manager, a customer

Customer helps testing the brakes by reading the digits on the display, while the manager handles the car on the test roller. There is a little discrepancy in the reading, but the manager confirms that it is all right.

The customer asks about the price, the manager sums up, and the customer pays and leaves.

Choose your roles and make the dialoge based on the situation described.

Below you will find a suggested version of the dialogue, compare with your own dialogue - did you forget anything?


Suggested Dialogue

Manager: Now you follow the digits on the display over there, one is for the left and the other for the right hand wheel. When I step on the brake they are supposed to be approximately the same.

Customer: OK – I can follow the digits while you handle the car. Oh – there is a little discrepancy, is that serious?

Manager: No that’s actually a very good reading, about as close as you can get. You see the digits show when the different wheels actually stop, and this little difference is not noticeable at all.

Customer: OK – now what do I have to pay for this service?

Manager: One moment, please. Let’s see – there is an hour work, some spare parts - including VAT this will set you back 381 pounds.

Customer: Well – maintaing a car with this mileage is not cheap. But thank you anyway, both for taking me on just like that, and for letting me watch. It was very instructive. Thank you.

Manager: No problem, you are welcome. Now, drive carefully. Good bye.

Customer: I will. Thank you and good bye.