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The Metaphor

Published: 12.09.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017
Teacher helping student with schoolwork

The Metaphor is a short story about a teacher who is adored by her young pupils. She is not so "cool", though, when she is supposed to teach senior high school students. What has happened?

Do you have a favorite teacher? How would you describe him or her? Find at least five adjectives that describe a good teacher.

Portrait of a Lady with hat by Picasso. Maby is this portrait a resemblance to Charlotte's teacher?Do you think that Picasso's portrait has a resemblance to Charlotte's teacher? Picasso

Budge Wilson is a Canadian writer highly acclaimed for her young adult books. She was born in Nova Scotia but spent many years in Ontario before she decided to go back to her birthplace. When she picked up writing late in life, she could look back upon careers ranging from fitness instruction, commercial art, photography and teaching. The short story below is from her collection The Leaving (1990) and may mirror experiences from her formative years in high school or her own career as a teacher.

Miss Hancock teaches Charlotte and her junior high school mates about figurative language and introduces them to the metaphor. In the seventh grade Miss Hancock is a heroine. But what happens when Charlotte's childhood heroine re-enters her  life in senior high?

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