Dialogue - At the Passport Control

Published: 27.01.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017
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Below you will find cards containing words or phrases in English. Sit in pairs and act out a dialogue where you have to include the words popping up as you click 'next'.


Feel free to use the words or phrases in any variants. If the card says thank you you may use thanks or I appreciate it as well. Reload site to try again by pressing F5 or ctrl + r (Menu: view - reload).

Having finished this dialogue, create a dialogue of your own and act it out with a fellow student.

Some useful expressions to add questions

  • Listen, do you by any chance. . .
  • Would you mind telling me. . .
  • By the way, do you . . .
  • Is it possible for you . . .
  • When you say that, I can't stop thinking. . .
  • One other thing, do you often . . .
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Dialogue - Passport Control