Task: Work assignment

One-minute World News

Published: 01.12.2016, Updated: 03.03.2017

 Some General Questions to Consider

  1. Which categories of news are presented: sports, politics, celebrity, economy, social conditions, armed conflicts, uprisings, terrorism, technology, health...?
  2. Are any of the news stories more important than the others if so which?
  3. Are the news contents mostly negative or positive?
  4. Retell one of the news stories to a fellow student.
  5. Write headlines for each of the stories presented.
  6. Which areas of the world are presented in the stories?
  7. Which of the stories made the biggest impression on you?  Why?
  8. What was the strongest video image you saw?  Why?
  9. Rank the stories in order of importance.
  10. Is 'One Minute News' a good way to keep up with world events?  Why or why not?
  11. What would your top three stories look like if you were the news editor?

Mann bilr filmet. foto.Making a Video Recording


Make your own version of 'One Minute News'. You may use real stories from Norway, your town or your school, or you may use your imagination and make up your own news stories.


Record it using your mobile phone or a video camera.