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Vox Pop - Interviews (Man On the Street)

Published: 26.01.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017

The idea of a doing such a spontaneous and quick interview, is to compare the views of many people on a particular topic. The topic may be of a general character or a more specific one. The answers are short and often with a humourous touch, though that, of course, would depend on the topic.


  1. Are you fed up with all the snow this winter? (general)
  2. Will Scotland vote for independence? (specific)

Here is a link to a BBC resource on how to do a "vox pop" interview.  Radio news tips   (click on "recording vox pop" in the menu). You may also search the net for "example of vox pop" or "man on the street interview" to listen to a few..

Vox Pop - InterviewsVox Pop - Interviews

Try It Yourself

Interviewing the man on the street

Write down a suitable question. Then ask five people to comment. Use your mobile phone to record it. A suitable question is one that is not embarrassing and that can be answered in a few sentences.


  • Where do you like to go for holidays?
  • What is your favourite time of the year?
  • What are you doing to save the environment?

Afterwards, compare results with your classmates and discuss the questions below.


  1. What are the tricky parts of making these interviews?
  2. Was it hard to come up with follow-up questions?
  3. Did you manage not to start laughing?
  4. Did you get any funny answers?
  5. Is this type of 'man on the street' journalism good for anything or is it just a waste of time?

Now that you have learned a lot from discussing your interviews, you just have to - DO IT AGAIN!