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The Year 2009

Published: 07.01.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017
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Pre-reading:  What do you remember from the year 2009?

CNN - News
CNN - News CNN

Activity 1: Rank these key stories from CNN - Your Year Cavalcade (right-click to open in new tab).

Activity 2: Find news stories from 2009 and fit them into categories like - sports, culture, celebrity, conflicts, politics, environment etc. Some stories may fit into more than one category. Feel free to add categories. Place at least 10 news stories in your own table.

You may e.g. search for: top stories 2009


politics crime environment sports celebrity



Activity 3: Try out a few quizzes for 2009. Search for quiz 2009 or click on this link: Entertainment quiz of the year 2009  (right-click to open in new tab).

Activity 4:

  • Write your own personal year cavalcade from 2009. Write one event for each month.
  • Make your own news cavalcade for 2009 based on what you remember. Compare your news cavalcade with that of a fellow student.


  1. What seems to be important news criteria for the news desks (nyhetsredaksjonene) around the world?
  2. Do you agree with the priorities made by the news desks or would you like to focus on other issues?
  3. Relations and conditions which improve over time are less likely to get news coverage than shocking events like terror attacks. How may this influence our understanding and appreciation of conditions around the world?
  4. What - if anything - will be remembered from the year 2009 in 2050?


Present two news stories in class - one that you feel is important and one that is not. Explain why you picked these pieces of news in particular.


In English, we sometimes need to use expressions like a pair of or a piece of to make it clear how many items we are talking about; furthermore, to denote an amount of something we may use words like: cup, slice, spoon and item, e.g. a cup of tea. We may also use moderating words like: more, less, much and little if the words are uncountable, like love and water.

Make sentences with the words listed below that include a certain amount or number. Use the dictionary to find out whether they are plural, singular or uncountable.

List of words (Copy into your text editor)

Example: He sold three pieces of furniture in the first hour.

  1. water
  2. news
  3. furniture
  4. information
  5. advice
  6. glasses (briller)
  7. scissors
  8. advice
  9. bread
  10. shorts
  11. money
External tasks on countable and uncountable nouns: countable-and-uncountable