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Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Published: 12.12.2009, Updated: 03.03.2017
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Study this link below from the Norwegian Nobel Institute and discuss the questions below:

(You will not find all the answers in the link above. Some questions are based on media coverage over the last few weeks.)

Barack Obama. Photo.Barack Obama 
  1. Why has President Barack Obama been awarded this prize in 2009?
  2. What are the arguments of those who oppose Obama's Peace Prize candidature?
  3. What are the criteria for awarding someone this particular prize?
  4. Is this peace prize important to Norway and its reputation or is it just an expensive show off with little effect?
  5. Have a look at other Nobel Peace Prize Laureates (click in the top right corner) and compare Obama to a few others who have been awarded the prize. Are there any laureates that you feel in particular deserve the prize. Why, why not?
  6. Is Obama the first American to receive the prize? If not - who are the others?
  7. Has the Nobel Peace Prize been strengthened or weakened through this last nomination?
  8. Obama spoke of the irony of receiving the prize. What does he mean by that?
  9. Discuss these headlines. Does the focus or angle differ in them? Why, Why not?: 

Obama's Speech of Acceptance (video and text)

Speech (BBC) 

Further research:

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There are many relevant sites on the web, so use the search engines as well.
Suggested words: peace prize, Obama, awarded, nomination.