Written English Exam

Published: 06.04.2010, Updated: 23.05.2017
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On this page you will find tips on how to prepare for the exam and links to past exam papers.

Assessment Guide and Past Exams papers

Vurderings- og sensorveiledninger. You need to obtain a password from the school administrator to access the exam papers. Use ctrl+f to search for subjects.

On this site you will also find examples of assessment of student answers. 

Dictionary of Educational Terms

Norsk - engelsk ordbok for grunnopplæringen 

Dictionary Norwegian-English/English-Norwegian

Remember that you can access NDLA English's dictionary on exam by scrolling down (on the left hand side) on our sites.

Tips to keep in mind


  1. Yes You Can  Read through previously given exam papers and take note of what kind of questions are asked.
  2. Download or print out relevant texts form NDLA and other internet resources. Make sure you right-click on links if you want to print out pages. Choose open in new window/tab from menu. Otherwise they will open as lightboxes and they cannot be printed out separately.
  3. Take note of the common mistakes you have   made throughout the year, when writing. Often the same type of mistake(s) pops up repeatedly.
  4. Print out and review “How to” instructions about writing styles. Remember to include: newspaper articles, letters to the editor, essays, articles, reports, speeches, etc. (see below)  
  5. Review your reading list and make sure you have read a selection of texts from various genres.
  6. Read instructions and tasks on the exam paper carefully.
  7. Make notes along the way as ideas pop up in your mind.
  8. Use your dictionary to clarify difficult words in the task.
  9. Always reread your answer to
    • make sure that you have answered the question
    • ensure that you have used the correct genre / style
    • avoid spelling mistakes (Don’t rely on spellcheckers alone. Use your dictionary as well.)
    • check that your text is well organized
  10. Use your time wisely and pace yourself. It is expected that students should use 5 hours to complete the exam. If you finish early, go back and make sure that you have answered all of the tasks.
  11. Study these sites for handling footnotes and sources: Kildebruk  and Kildehenvisninger  and Litteraturliste  

 Good luck!

Tips and Advice

Preparing for the Written Exam (Nynorsk text) Tips and advice on sources and writing.
Preparing for the Written Exam (Bokmål text)  Tips and advice on sources and writing.

Preparing for the Written Exam will take you through the topic "social equality" in Vg1/Vg2 which was the topic given for the exam in 2010.


Resources On Genres

Go to our main menu. Click on "Communiation and News" --> "Writing - How To" for more learning resources on various text genres.


These "how to" instructions will examplify and give advice on different writing styles.

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