Rosemary's Baby - tasks

Published: 29.04.2010, Updated: 03.03.2017

Based on the resource Rosemary's Baby 


  1. In which way has Hutch helped Rosemary and her friends?
  2. What does Hutch do for a living?
  3. What is revealed about Rosemary’s background?
  4. Guy terms Hutch as “boring”. Why does he still want to be around Hutch?
  5. How does Hutch explain that he did not want to give a positive impression of Rosemary and Guy when answering the letter of inquiry from the managers of the apartments?
  6. Who were the Trench sisters and Adrian Marcato according to Hutch?
  7. When challenged by Guy, Hutch tries to explain all the curious incidents in the Bramford. How?
  8. What is revealed about the young couple’s dreams?
  9. What does Guy blame all the incidents on?
  10. Why do the couple prefer old apartments to modern?

Vocabulary and Grammar

Read the excerpt, and look for nouns and adjectives that you associate with thrillers and the Gothic tradition. Write them down in a list like the one below. Find at least 5 words for each category.


  • Nouns: thriller, witchcraft
  • Adjectives: scary, bloody

Literary Analysis

  1. What features do you think belong to a good horror story?
  2. At which point in the excerpt do you suspect that this is a horror story? Explain.
  3. Compare Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale-Heart with the excerpt from Rosemary’s Baby. What kind of elements do they have in common?
  4. Define how the term “danger zone” is used on various occasions in the excerpt. What does it imply? How does the news Hutch breaks about the building give suspense to the story?
  5. When Hutch describes the murder of the elevator man, he terms the incident as a “not-at-the-dinner-table accident”. Why does he use such an expression?
  6. Give a characterisation of Guy.
  7. How do you think the couple differs in their response to the warnings presented by Hutch?


  1. The managers of the Bramford Apartments (located on 707 Central Park West, New York City),  represented by Mrs. Cortez, send a letter of enquiry to Mr. Edward Hutchins (Hutch) about Guy and Rosemary Greenwood. They want to be confident that they can trust their apartment with the new tenants. Write the letter. Check How to Write a Formal Letter.
    Hutch’s address is 111 Lexington Ave., New York City.
  2. Write the reply letter that Hutch would have preferred to send to make sure that the managers would look for tenants elsewhere and not rent the apartment to the young couple.
  3. In spite of the warnings, Rosemary and Guy move into the apartment. Write your own continuation of the story in a brief chapter.


  1. The following tenants are supposed to have lived in the apartment building: Theodore Dreiser and Isadora Duncan. Search the web for information about the two artists. Why do you think Ira Levin added them to his list of tenants?.
  2. In many cities around the world, Ghost Tours are very popular. Use this address as a source of inspiration: haunted, or search for haunted places in New York City. Provide images of the sites, and make a Photo Story of the tour you would have arranged. Download eerie music, e.g. from www.musicbakery.com.
  3. Search for pictures of the The Dakota Apartment Building, which served as the film location in Rosemary’s Baby.
    • Why do you think it was chosen as the film location of Rosemary’s Baby?
    • Which elements would you characterise as Gothic?
    • Search for pictures, including 3D, of the Dakota building. Why do you think it is considered one of the most legendary buildings in New York City? Suggested site: Dakota Building

Role Play

You are going to show Rosemary and Guy’s apartment to some first-time buyers. Would you, or would you not tell them about the former residents and the scary incidents? Discuss how this would affect the bid and the price.

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